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Crypto + Consciousness = Defeat of the Big Conspiracy

Your Consciousness Profile™

Find out where you are on the Scale of Consciousness™ (and get your full profile) including:

What you get:

  • Current Level of Consciousness (fluctuates 24/7, so this is your average or “base level”).
  • Birth/incarnation level (most “old souls” were born somewhat high, but gradually descended after birth (to match the “norm level”) until they reached a turning point, and started to climb rapidly).
  • Lowest level (find out how far down you pulled the “rubber band”, before bouncing up again).
  • Energetic opening/potential level (if you work with advanced teachers etc. this level can be much higher than your Current Level).

Before ordering your Consciousness Profile™

It’s advised that you read/watch all content on this page. This gives you relevant background knowledge and understanding of the Scale of Consciousness.

Also visit the About page if you want to learn more about how the calibrations are done, and see a video demonstration.

At bare minimum, you should watch this video, where the Levels of Consciousness and the Scale is explained in detail. The video above explains what you get, and what each measurement means.

Good to know

  • The average Level of Consciousness on this planet at this time (May 2018) is “only” 220.
  • The Level of Mass Consciousness is at 425 (light is stronger than darkness, which is why Mass Consciousness Level is very different from mathematical average).
  • Only ~4% of the population are at 500 or above.
  • The minimum level for being energetically ready for The Event (according to the Ra material – Law of One) is more than 50% positive/integrated, which equals 330 on the Scale.
  • At this time (May 2018) approximately 20% of the population is ready for the Event (by above definition).

How to order your Consciousness Profile™

  1. Price is $25,-
  2. You can pay either with Credit Card via PayPal (yellow Buy Now button below).
  3. Or you can pay with Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH) (button to the right).
  4. Buy Bitcoins at Localbitcoins.com (if you don’t already have it).
  5. Click the order button of your choice and follow the instructions.
  6. I will calibrate your Consciousness Profile™, and send it to your email (usually within 24 hours).