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Crypto + Consciousness = Defeat of the Big Conspiracy

Why I stopped looking for “the next Bitcoin” (and bought Bitcoin instead)

Bitcoin has been described by many as “digital gold”, and certainly a gold fever has swept across the crypto world in recent times. The prospect of sudden riches made 2017 a lucrative year for all sorts of ICOs (some more legit than others). Here we shall take a deep breath, and make the case for why looking for “the next Bitcoin” is not necessarily such a good idea.

Make no mistake about it. Gold fever is a very real phenomena, and many in the crypto world (especially newcomers) are deep in the clutches of the get-rich-fast-and-easy mentality. How do I know this? Well, I tasted it myself when I first got into crypto early 2017 (luckily I had experienced friends to jolt me out of it before I made too many foolish choices), and I see it all over crypto Facebook groups and other crypto forums.

The crypto gold fever of 2017/2018

It’s totally understandable, as cryptocurrency is probably the best opportunity for any given person today to get relatively wealthy in a relatively short amount of time – even with moderate investments. The big question for most newcomers is obviously:

Which cryptocurrency and/or ICO should I put my hard earned money and trust into?

Many newcomers seem to believe (and I was certainly one of them) that they will be able “sniff out” the next Bitcoin (or Bitcoin killer), get in pre-ico or at least when it’s still cents on the dollar and hodl until it rises to the stardom of Bitcoin and beyond.

I don’t wish to crush anyone’s dreams or anything, but I am still gonna tell you that it’s not necessarily the best strategy if you want to get maximum bang for your bucks. People who think like this – and as I said, I’ve been there – are usually suffering from (Bitcoin)Gold fever (pun intended), and they are not thinking rationally.

Hopefully the rest of this article will be able to shake you out of it, as I will give you 5 reasons why you should stop looking for the next Bitcoin, and instead buy Bitcoin.

The lure of “the next Bitcoin” (or “Bitcoin killer”)

John McAfee recently had a Twitter poll where more than 40 000 of his followers answered different Crypto related questions. One of the most interesting questions was: “Where is your primary interest in Cryptocurrencies?” You can see the results below:

John McAfee crypto poll

74 % are primarily into either Altcoins, ICOs or “All/Any currencies”, while only 26 % have their main interest in Bitcoin and Ethereum. This tells us that a whole lot of people seem to think that they will be able to find Altcoins that will outperform Bitcoin and Ether in the coming years.

5 reasons why you should never bet against Bitcoin

If you bet against Bitcoin and Ether I really hope you know what you’re doing. If not, please read on as I will give you 5 very good reasons why you might wanna reconsider your position. Not saying you should trust my advice (or anyone else’s), but hopefully I can make you pause for a moment, and think.

#1 The Lightning Network

Bitcoins rapid growth caused transaction time to become slow and fees to go through the roof. The system was seemingly not prepared to handle the sudden massive interest. Opportunistic competitor coins like Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin quickly forked off Bitcoin, offering quick fixes to these problems all the while hoping to become “the next Bitcoin”.

It’s easy to think that if you can just find the right ICO (or Pre-ICO) the same can happen again, and this time you will be in – balls deep – from the beginning.

As of mid february 2018 this has not really happened, has it? And what do you think will happen when Bitcoin itself solves these problems with the upcoming Lightning Network? The LN is in Beta-testing as we speak, and will most likely be fully operational sometime this year.

The Lightning Network is built on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain (and thus independent of it), and it will handle all the small/medium transactions that have been burdening the system. This will allow for instantaneous transactions and significantly reduced fees, thus solving two of Bitcoins biggest challenges in one fell swoop.

An additional positive benefit is that the Lightning nodes facilitating the transactions will run independently of miners. This will allow for a more decentralized system, as there has been some worry about the centralization of power by the huge mining companies. The Lightning nodes will allow smaller players to enter the field, and this is surely a good thing.

If you still believe Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin or any other Altcoin is a better bet for the coming years than Bitcoin (and Ether), then I suggest you keep reading.

#2 The ICO Jedi Mind Trick

As a newcomer in the crypto world you’ve probably seen the All-time graph of Bitcoins incredible development from cents on the dollar back in 2010 to almost 20 000 dollars in mid December 2017. It’s easy to think that if you can just find the right ICO (or Pre-ICO) the same can happen again, and this time you will be in – balls deep – from the beginning.

As Bruce Lee used to say: “Never bet against the street”.

When you see “Altcoin X” priced at 0.001 dollars in a Pre-ICO and your eyes look like shining dollar signs it’s probably a good idea to take a time-out. Do you even know how to read White Papers? How to properly vet the team and their project? It probably sounds very good when you watch the intro video and read the sales page, right?

Chances for even medium success for any new project, crypto or otherwise, is not very high. And even if the project has great success, have you checked if this means that the value of the token will actually necessarily rise all that much? There is not always a correlation, far from it.

Don’t be fooled by the Jedi Mind Trick of the super cheap token price of the pre-ICOs and the ICOs, as most of them will fail anyway (and many of them are outright scams. Can you tell?). Those who do succeed will compete with other Altcoins, not with Bitcoin and Ether as they exist in a different league.

Think I’m full of it and believe too much in my own predictions? Read on. And by the way, I think ICOs are great. My point is simply that I would personally not bet against Bitcoin and Ether, and I’m holding my main investment in those two beauties.

#3 Brand value and momentum

Building a brand and momentum in the mass consciousness is not done in a day or two. Why aren’t everyone abandoning the “failed” Bitcoin and running towards Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin since they have already solved Bitcoins scaling challenges?

Never underestimate the power of branding.

The answer is that for most people cryptocurrency equals Bitcoin. As I read on a reddit forum post about “the average joe” buying crypto. One guy commented that he overheard when “average Joe’s” talked about and they said stuff like: “I’m getting the real one” (i.e. Bitcoin). As Bruce Lee used to say: “Never bet against the street”.

Bitcoin is a major world brand, just like Coca Cola or Apple. It was first, and it has built up its momentum over a long time. As a store of value and investment hardly anything can beat it, and the good news is that we are still in the early days.

Just stop drooling over the price of the past (in fact, totally forget about it), and rather consider the massive potential price of the future when 10, 30 or even 50 % of the population are into crypto (today we are still far below 1% of the population).

Donald Trump is not a man who underestimates the power of branding. In fact, he used his “linguistic kill shots” to shoot down his many opponents by branding them in a persuading and negative way. Whether you hate him or like him, the point remains: Never underestimate the power of branding.

#4 Bitcoin might just give gold a run for its money

Only 21 million Bitcoins will ever be mined into existence, but this process will not finish until the year 2140. Currently we are getting close to 17 million Bitcoins in existence, or 16 864 700 to be exact. Approximately 4 million Bitcoins are lost forever in trashed hard drives and forgotten wallets.

The crypto revolution is a wave that will lift us all, but you have to learn how to surf it (preferably not the hard way, and be on the lookout for sharks in the water always). 

Gold has “always” served as a store of value because it is “hard to mine” and limited in supply. Bitcoin serves the exact same purpose. It is the digital equivalent to gold, but it has many benefits over holding physical gold:

  1. Easier to buy and sell
  2. Easier to bring across borders
  3. Potential increase in value is a lot higher
  4. Can more easily be used as payment
  5. Can more easily be divided
  6. List goes on (watch video above)

These points might seem like “no big deal”, but if you really think about it with a global mindset you will perhaps realize that the ramifications of these “simple” points are truly massive and mind-blowing.

The market cap of gold is currently around 7.8 trillion (with a T) dollars. Bitcoin has a market cap at the moment of around 156 billion dollars. As the “gold rush” of Bitcoin goes more mainstream people holding gold might – somewhat ironically – start to jump on the bandwagon in ever-increasing numbers for all the reasons mentioned above.

Do you really want to wait until that happen before you buy?

#5 Because my predictions say so… 🙂

OK, this is obviously said as a semi-joke. Yes, I believe in the overall trend of my own crypto predictions, but I do not expect anyone else to at this point. Maybe that will change at the end of 2018, we’ll see.

I also know that my prediction for Bitcoin over the coming years is totally in harmony with what John McAfee has predicted, but unlike him I will not promise to eat my dick if they don’t come true.


Puh, a long post this was, and my first official on this blog. If I read this as a crypto newbie it would probably have helped me steer clear of some mistakes, and I certainly hope it at least made you think and gave you some inspiration.

The crypto revolution is a wave that will lift us all, but you have to learn how to surf it (preferably not the hard way, and be on the lookout for sharks in the water always).

– Crypto + Consciousness = Defeat of the Big Conspiracy

– Get conscious, get rich and live happily ever after…

– And: Try high quality CBD oil today!

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