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Crypto + Consciousness = Defeat of the Big Conspiracy

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) explained (and how to cure it)

To really understand the answer to this excellent question we have to get a little bit metaphysical. I am going to assume that you’ve already read/watched my article/video series Black Magic Unveiled & How Everything Changed in the Fall of 2016, as that will give you all the background you need to better grasp what is going on today.

The big split of 2016

The election of Donald Trump effectively split the world – and the Mass Consciousness of the world – in two. A critical mass of people had at that point managed to “awaken from the Matrix”. When enough people break free from the “automatic mind” of the Beast (i.e. the negative collective ego of the planet worshipped as “Lucifer” by the no-longer-so-occult “elite”) it creates a rift in the mass consciousness.

Trump came in just at the right moment and hammered this rift to make the split complete. Nothing has ever been the same since. It was a massive watershed moment. After this split the Beast of the collective negative ego (Lucifer) lost control of around 50% of the population (if not totally, then at least to a large degree). This is exactly why it has doubled down its efforts on the 50% that are still more or less lost in the darkness of its clutches.

What they all have in common is an intense hate towards the symbol of this change they fear so much, Donald J. Trump.

Lucifer can only operate where there is no Awareness. When Lucifer operates in/through you and someone puts the light of their attention on it and perceives it (even if they don’t say anything), you will notice the tentacle “burn” and immediately withdraw inside you, and you will feel its pain as a kind of shame for your moment of unawareness.

The more repressed stuff you integrate the more your mind is filled with Awareness. Lucifer’s potential influence over you will therefore progressively diminish the more aware you become. The “pro-Trumpers” are mostly people who have developed more awareness than the liberals, and you can see it in their much more sane and rational behavior and arguments.

The leftist/liberals are simply people with a lot of repressed pain and negativity that they refuse to look at and take responsibility for. All this is brewing in their subconscious and it makes them “easy targets” and vessels for the collective negative ego (aka Lucifer) and prone to media manipulation by those who worship Lucifer. Their behavior really says it all as they project all that is unconsciously active in themselves onto their perceived “enemies”.

Lucifer is losing control

The collective negative ego (Lucifer) have been used to being in control of this planet for eons of time. Now, after the big split of late 2016, its hegemony is threatened for the first time. It’s like a giant octopus vampire hiding in the remaining shadows while the blazing sun is creeping over the horizon.

They basically want to rearrange the whole world into a giant utopian “safe space” so they can finally “feel good and secure”.

Everything it has influence over (like the media, the leftist/liberals etc.) has gone into overdrive panic mode. The most extreme liberals are literally frothing at the mouth and howling at the sky. The less extreme ones are still almost impossible to reason with.

What they all have in common is an intense hatred towards the symbol of this paradigm shift that they fear so much, namely Donald J. Trump. The more out of control they feel inside, the more they want/need to control everything outside of themselves. And Trump has really made them feel “out of control” on all levels.

Since they have so much repressed pain inside it does not take much for something to “trigger” that pain in them. Since they have no clue how to deal with this they are constantly freaked out and scared. They basically want to rearrange the whole world into a giant utopian “safe space” so they can finally “feel good and secure”.

Their self-righteous willingness to go to any extreme to achieve this immature, impossible and utopian goal makes them dangerous. The only real solution for them would be to cultivate awareness, and face their repressed pain and issues. However, this does not seem to be high on their agenda for the time being.

Liberalism is a religion

The liberals suffer from the same fate that so many religious groups also do. They think they are “saved” from the “evil” inside of them as long as they virtue signal and say all the “correct” things. Just like religious people think subscribing to a certain “faith” automatically makes them “good” or “saved”, so liberals are dead serious and un-ironic in their subscription to “political correctness”.

As a side note, it’s interesting to notice that most conservative icons like Milo, Alex Jones and Trump himself, they all have one thing in common that the leftist icons and people don’t have. They have a great sense of humor and self-irony. People who are lacking in those departments are usually also lacking in self-awareness, and real compassion (does “Little Rocket man” have a healthy dose of self-irony? I think not).

If we can make it OK to be in pain, and admit that we are all struggling with repressed inner pain to various degrees, then it will be a lot easier for friends and family to open up and admit the same.

To sustain the belief that you are “only good” or “saved” you will have to repress and deny all the “evil” hidden away in your subconscious. The only way to keep it hidden is to constantly project it onto something outside of yourself. The only other alternative is to actually face the dragon inside, and that is perceived as too scary for many people.

How to cure Trump Derangement Syndrome

The conservative movement also has this tendency of projection (everyone does), but to a much lesser degree than the liberal/leftist movement. It’s important to realize that it’s OK to not be “only good” (nobody is anyway). The important thing is to cultivate awareness and face/integrate repressed issues as best you can.

So, how do you deal with a liberal friend who will not listen to reason? Since the core issue is repressed pain and the lack of knowledge of how to deal with that, arguing about politics is not really gonna help. Most likely it will just fortify each others positions, and increase the distance between you.

This is a really topic that deserves and article/video of its own, but I can say this: If we can make it OK to be in pain, and admit that we are all struggling with repressed inner pain to various degrees, then it will be a lot easier for friends and family to open up and admit the same – both liberals and conservatives. Someone has to start being honest about this, and I believe a lot of people in your circle will be grateful if that someone is you.

– Crypto + Consciousness = Defeat of the Big Conspiracy

– Get conscious, get rich and live happily ever after…

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