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Crypto + Consciousness = Defeat of the Big Conspiracy

Mass Consciousness Development Year 0 to 2050 (Ascension)

I wanted to talk a little bit about the level of mass consciousness and its development over the years, and also projected into the future. As you can see on the video it was back in 2016 that I made this calibration of the development of the mass consciousness (that some people refer to as the Ascension).

I just was curious how it has developed since year 0 until now, and how it potentially most likely will developed in the coming years until 2050. I choose 2050 because I follow this guy called Bashar. He is basically an ET intelligence being channeled by a guy called Darryl Anka since the 1980s.

This ET guy, Bashar, has a lot of interesting information to share, and he also makes many predictions. It is actually because of him that I learned how to make predictions. I learned how the concept of making predictions worked so that I could apply it, and use my method of of dowsing to make predictions.

Anyway, the reason I choose 2050 is because according to this Bashar guy the planet has been in the Ascension process for many years, and it’s been accelerating lately and it’s going to accelerate a lot more in the coming years. 2050, or around that time, Humanity has become a fully fledged member of the Intergalactic community.

According to Bashar we will have our own UFOs and everything at that time (2050). Obviously a lot is going to have to happen in the coming years, because we’re not that far off. I mean, it’s still 30 years off, but that’s going to be rich years full of interesting stuff. A lot needs to happen before we can become a fully fledged member.

First of all, we have to become much more of a peaceful and evolved. The whole planet is going to be have to be much more in union with the higher self and the higher consciousness. This has been going on for a while, but we are entering into a period of intense acceleration.

The Scale of Mass Consciousness

Let’s talk a little bit about the scale first. You can see it on the left side, it’s from 0 to 1000. It could have been anything really, it could have been from 0 100 %, or some other numbers. It doesn’t really matter, but what you need to know is that 1000 represents the most pure and highest level of consciousness that’s possible, at least in the human form.

I mean, it’s the highest level of Enlightenment, and traditionally enlightenment starts at somewhere between 600 and 700. That’s when you move into non-duality, and that’s the very first level of Enlightenment. It’s refined into higher levels from there on, and without any actual experience of those leves (which I don’t have) there is no point in going into details at this time.

Humanities Development relative to the Mass Consciousness

Level of Mass Consciousness Development2

Humanity has been pretty low for many years, asleep in the darkness below 200 where the spiral of the death drive and the negativity takes completely over. You cannot see much, and you have a really negative and destructive environment and planet in the sense that what goes on in the world is a lot about slavery/masters, wars and massive the disasters and all these things which has been the history of  humanity for a long time.

1947 – Roswell and the start of  the “Ascension Mission”

It wasn’t until 1947 that this “mission” of Ascension started, and that’s when the Roswell incident happened. That was the first time in modern times that the UFO phenomenon injected itself into the Mass Consciousness. It became something that everybody was talking about, and this was before they started to ridicule it in the media. Before the massive disinformation campaign against it.

For a while, in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, UFOs was taken seriously even by the media. Later it was buried underneath tons of ridicule and disinformation all the way to our present time. So, at that time the level of mass consciousness was still not very high, and it was still way below 200. We had just suffered two World Wars with massive destruction, and the atomic age was just starting – threatening to extinguish all life on the planet.

Then you had a hippie era. 1967 was the peak of that time, and humanity had lifted herself a little bit in terms of mass consciousness. That’s probably why we had a release and a lot of attempts at peace and joy, and people who wanted to change the world.

1987 – Head above water

It wasn’t until 1987, around the time of the world’s first mass meditation, that humanities Mass Consciousness finally breached the critical 200 level. After this a positive orientation upwards towards more light and consciousness becomes evermore possible, or at least consciously possible, because below 200 you don’t really know that there is such a possibility at all. Maybe you can have an inkling, but you don’t really know it consciously.

When you reach 200+ it’s like a new paradigm, it’s like getting your head above water for the first time, and you can now breathe and you can see the sun. This is also when the Cold War basically ended, with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989. A lot of positive developments happened, and there was no longer this overarching threat of nuclear war.

2007 and full steam ahead

It was a big change around the end of 1980s, and then there was a bit of an acceleration after that. In 2007 we were at 260 which is the level of courage where you become more courageous and able to stand up to the darkness. More able to face it in yourself and in the world, which is what was going on a lot around that time (and still is).

Did “nothing happen” December 21st 2012?

The truth movement was well under way and building at that time, and then, of course, you have the infamous 2012 in which seemingly “nothing happened”.  That’s what many people think, but we reached a certain level 330, or little bit above; actually 332 which is significant.

Bashar said that at the end of 2012 humanities Mass Consciousness was a little bit more positive and negative for the first time in history, or at least known history. This was sort of the Tipping Point that tipped the scale, and the snowball could start rolling from that point onward. Which is what we have seen happen in the last couple of years after Trump was elected when everything changed back in 2016.

It does not take that many people raising their consciousness for it to have a mass effect on the totality. Just like it does not take that many candle lights to lit up a dark room pretty good. And once it is lit up a little, more and more people starts to see and it spreads rapidly. This is happening now.

The Present

Today, at this time, the Mass Consciousness is in the 400’s, and developing rapidly. 400’s is where the intellect and the rational has taken more over and more. The powerful purge of wild emotions in 200 and 300’s are over with. This is what we are seeing in the world today with the whole MAGA movement. Common sense and rationality being restored.

The Event that is said to begin 21st – 31st of march 2018 by Adroins (that is the initial intro of it as it will probably take years for it to build up to a peak) is what will land humanity and our Mass Consciousness at the plateau level of 540 around 2020.

The future

540 is the level of the start of true unconditional love, and it will take some years for this to integrate before the acceleration starts again for real and brings the Mass Consciousness towards the first level of true Enlightenment in 2030. This is also around the time when Bashar has predicted that there will be the first landing of ET civilisations.

We have a very exciting future ahead of us, and when it comes to the Blockchain, Bashar has predicted that it eventually will lead to real AI (we will know it is awake when it utters the famous words of self-inquiry: “Who am I?”. Spooky, I know).

– Crypto + Consciousness = Defeat of the Big Conspiracy

– Get conscious, get rich and live happily ever after…

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