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How my Cryptocurrency Predictions are done

All predictions on this website are conducted as an experiment, and should always be considered as exactly that. Below I will disclose the method used for making these predictions.

(Note: My metaphysical worldview is summed up in this article/video series: Black Magic Unveiled & How Everything Changed in the Fall of 2016)

Having many years of experience with Applied Kinesiology (aka “muscle testing”) and dowsing, some of my crypto-enthusiastic friends asked if I could try to use these methods to calibrate the future value of Bitcoin, Ether and some other tokens they are into (See Featured Predictions).

Muscle testing and dowsing are simply tools that allows one to access intuitive knowledge “on demand”. The All-knowing intelligence guiding us (Higher Self/Mind) have access to all probable (and improbable) potential futures. Muscle testing and dowsing are tools that allows us to tap into that that all-knowing intelligence and get “answers”.

Predicting the future

The future is not “set in stone”, so what I calibrate is the highest probability (at the moment the calibration is made) price in dollars for the coming years ahead. Due to marked volatility short term predictions is not something I will engage in as it’s as pointless as trying to predict the lottery numbers.

The long term trend of different crypto-projects is a lot less volatile (especially more established projects), and therefore you can get a more reliable reading. The reason why can best be illustrated by an example: If you flip a coin 10 times it’s hard to predict the number of heads and tails correctly, but if you do it 1 million times you will get around 50/50 of each.

I do not think the predicted values will come true to the decimal a year or two from now. It’s rather the overall trend that will be reflected – and as you can see; that trend favors Bitcoin and Ether high above all top 50 market cap from late january 2018.

It will be exciting to see at the end of 2018 how all these coins and tokens stand. The site will be updated regularly, and I will add new predictions and coins/tokens as I see fit.